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The folk group POLONIA from Mulhouse came into being in 1948 in the midth of a community of Polish emigrants eager to preserve their culture. What more pleasant way of keeping this memory alive than through folklore ?

POLONIA is made of a group of adults and a group of children and has his own band.

They have a varied repertory to offer you, a real glimpse at Poland through their national dances: Krakowiak, Polonez, Oberek, Kujawiak, Mazur and series of regional dances.

Come and enjoy the charm of this warm and welcoming country through its joyful songs, dances, music and costumes.

Maison des Associations    1 rue Vauban  68100 MULHOUSE - FRANCE
Tél :  03 89 42 04 04   International : +33 389 42 04 04
Email : polonia.mulhouse@laposte.net
Web : poloniamulhouse.free.fr